Acoustic Engineering

The Powell Fenwick Acoustic Team can provide a wide range of acoustic design services within the fields of building and environmental acoustics.

Working every day with architects, project managers and engineering consultants from other disciplines we inherently take a practical and buildable approach to acoustic solutions.

Services we offer include:

Building Acoustics
  • Design for optimal internal space acoustics
  • School design for acoustic compliance with Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines
  • Control of noise transmission within and into and out of buildings
  • Inter tenancy noise transmission for unit titled properties to meet NZBC G6
  • Noise measurement of Sound Transmission Class (STC)
  • Aircraft noise assessments and specific design
  • Noise troubleshooting of HVAC systems or other plant
  • General plant enclosure design including silencing of ventilation openings and exhausts
  • Generator installation silencing and enclosure design
Environmental Acoustics
  • Prediction of noise propagation from buildings or plant
  • Measurement of environmental noise
  • Boundary noise level assessments and compliance with council regulations
  • Reports and acoustic advice for resource consent applications
  • Expert witness