Civil Engineering

Our civil team can design, document and monitor construction of the civil component for projects ranging from rest homes and retaining walls to major commercial developments and car parks, all using the market's latest programs and software.

We offer civil design solutions for:

  • Sustainable designs
  • Siteworks design
  • Pavement design
  • Stormwater and sewer pipework
  • Pumping chambers
  • Effluent disposal systems
  • Contract administration
  • Monitoring of construction
  • Compliance inspections

Civil Project Examples:

School of Biological Sciences – University of Canterbury

An interesting design where we worked closely with the Landscape Architect to incorporate rainwater harvesting, treatment swales and permeable paving to minimise the stormwater load in the existing water ways.

University Accommodation

Design and documentation of stormwater and sewer for the Ilam flats student accommodation.

Kaiapoi Subdivision

Design and documentation of the services for a 26 lot subdivision.


Design and documentation of stormwater and sewer for numerous resthomes.

Tower Junction Pipework Relocation

Design, documentation and project management for all relocation of 370m of 900® X 260m of 1200® Christchurch City Council stormwater pipework.

Tower Junction Siteworks Design

Design and documentation of the car park, stormwater and sewer system for the 18,500m2 Tower Junction development.

Nelson City Council Pipework Relocation

Design, documentation and project management for the relocation of Stormwater and sewer mains in Nelson.

Lakeshore Apartments (Wanaka)

2 blocks of 5 apartments. The design also included the permanent site groundwater dewatering reticulation system to remove over 100 litres/second. This system will operate 24 hours a day for the life for the project.

Pumping Systems

We have designed many stormwater and sewer pumping systems ranging in size from individual dwellings and basement pump systems through to Council effluent pumping chambers.

Mall Developments

Stormwater and sewer disposal systems and siteworks for Hornby Mall (aka The Hub), Merivale Mall, The Palms, Richmond Mall, Tower Junction and Whiteleigh Ave Retail Developments (Ngai Tahu).

Domestic Stormwater and Sewer Disposal

Onsite domestic stormwater and sewer disposal systems for individual dwellings. Typically these are houses which are remote from street reticulated services.

We also have significant experience with successful projects in all areas from small domestic to large commercial, from single storey through to high rise, multi-million dollar infrastructure projects, function centres, mall and supermarket developments and health facilities to mention a few...

Whatever your project needs, our enthusiastic Civil team is here for you!