Pool Design

The Powell Fenwick Pool Water Team are passionate about pools, whether designing a large aquatic centre or a domestic pool, our goal is to provide engineering solutions that exceed expectations

Our Pool water team specialise in the design of aquatic centres and water facilities. Specific aquatic centre knowledge & experience adds significant value to our design team when dealing with large energy use, coupled with a highly corrosive environment, to ensure that a high quality facility is designed and constructed.

Our goal is to provide our clients with engineering solutions that exceed expectations, are fun, functional and are reliable in the long term.

Services We Offer Include:

Specialised Aquatic Engineering
  • Structural design; from small residential pools to full aquatic centres and water facilities, we can provide a design that is watertight, durable and corrosion resistant
  • HVAC systems that are energy efficient and corrosion resistant
  • Water feature advice and design
  • Water treatment systems
  • A range of engineering disciplines under one roof, which reduces time spent in meetings and correspondence, while ensuring a well coordinated design.
Preliminary and Developed Designs
  • Consideration of primary energy source options and providing an economic solution
  • Provision for the delivery and storage of hazardous fuels and chemicals
  • Natural daylight analysis for enclosed facilities
  • Consideration and recommendation of sustainable design elements
Detailed Design and Specification
  • Fully detailed design drawings
  • Detailing of slab waterproofing systems, essential on aquatic centres and water facilities to keep the ground water out and pool water contained
  • Detailed specifications
  • All fully coordinated with other design professionals

This information ensures a competitive tendering process and accurate construction, resulting in the right product at the right price.