Sustainable Design

Improve the health & comfort in your building, while minimising environmental impact & running costs

The design of a building, its services and even the materials used in construction all have an impact on the environment as well as the health and comfort of its occupants. At Powell Fenwick we have a number of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) engineers and Green Star Accredited Professionals who can tune your design to minimise its environmental impact, improve the working environment of your staff & reduce your building's running costs.

Whether you are aiming to achieve a Green Star rating, or want to apply green/ESD principles to your building design, Powell Fenwick can provide the expertise.

Services we offer include:

Green Star

at Powell Fenwick we can provide two separate roles to assist in achieving a Green Star rating:

  • Green Star Accredited Professional Role (GSAP)

    We have a number of GSAPs at PFC and can provide the GSAP role for your project. We are experienced with using several different Green Star tools.

  • Design of Green Star Buildings

    We have many engineers over a range of disciplines that have had experience completing the required design & documentation for a Green Star building.

Environmentally Sustainable Design

At Powell Fenwick we have been incorporating ESD principles into our designs for many years. When a Green Star rating is not necessarily applicable or desired, applying ESD principles can enhance the building design considerably.

We can provide and offer advice on ESD over a range of disciplines.

Examples of ESD include:
  • Advice on overall building envelope design, including the use of shading, efficient glazing and thermal mass
  • Minimising environmental impact by assisting in the selection of recycled and environmentally friendly materials
  • Design of water efficient systems, including rainwater and greywater collection and reuse
  • Provide enhanced health, comfort and efficiency through effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Designing energy efficient power and lighting systems
  • Reduced running costs by designing all building services tailored to your unique building

ESD Project Examples:

Te Hononga - Christchurch Civic Building
  • New Zealand's highest rated Green Star building, with 6 Stars signifying 'World Leadership'
  • Design and documentation for Green Star 'Design' and 'Built' tools
  • Design and documentation for Green Star 'Office Interiors' tool (currently in progress)
Lot 3 Show Place - Building
  • GSAP for Green Star 'Office' design tool
  • Design & documentation for Green Star 'Office' design tool
Lot 3 Show Place - Solid Energy Fitout
  • GSAP for Green Star 'Office Interiors' tool
  • Design & documentation for Green Star 'Office Interiors' tool