Arts Centre

Powell Fenwick is currently working on The Arts Centre restoration project, providing Mechanical and Hydraulic engineering consultancy services. We have been working on this site for over 6 years with a consistent design team, both internally and externally.

The Arts Centre has 23 different buildings, including numerous kitchens, galleries, commercial tenancies, and conference and hospitality facilities. These buildings also range in heritage classifications, right up to the very high standards with the Great Hall Restoration. This restoration recently was awarded Merit in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

A key aspect of the services design for The Arts Centre is integrating services in a manner sympathetic to the historic architecture of the buildings. This can be achieved by minimising the visual impact through careful choice of services routes, concealment and “architectural feature design elements”.

Mechanical services design included artesian ground source heating systems allowing for energy efficient heating with fully concealed plant. There are tight humidity and temperature controls in place for some specialist spaces.

One of the challenges with this project has been around unknown aspects revealed during construction when heritage fabrics are opened up, often requiring fast and innovative solutions.