Building Acoustics

Good acoustics is an important part of the well-being of us humans, whether being able to hear each other while having our dinner out, have private conversations when we need to at work, and not have the lives of the inhabitants of the next-door apartment become our daily soap-opera.

Our expertise includes:

  • Design for optimal internal acoustics across all sectors
  • Hybrid ray-tracing modelling for acoustic design of performance spaces such as theatres and auditoria
  • School design incl. for compliance with Ministry of Education DQLS Guidelines
  • Airborne, impact and vibration noise control within buildings
  • Inter-tenancy noise control between apartments and townhouses to meet NZBC Clause G6
  • Peer review of resource consent applications on behalf of Councils
  • Noise measurement of sound level (dB, dBA, NC etc.), Sound Transmission Class (STC), Impact Insulation Class (IIC), Sound Transmission Index (STI), reverberation time (RT60), vibration and other acoustic parameters.
  • Noise troubleshooting of HVAC systems or other plant
  • General plant enclosure design
  • Pump station and generator installation enclosure, ventilation and silencing design
  • Noise exposure in the workplace

Powell Fenwick’s friendly team of acoustic engineers include members in the Acoustical Society of New Zealand (NZAS), and the Institute of Acoustics (IOA - UK), as well as Engineering New Zealand Chartered Professional Engineers.